Falling For You
Have you ever swore that you would never get in another relationship (at least for a while) after being independent for so long or after a tragic break-up? No emotions to manage, no one depending on you, and no distractions. You read those buzzfeed articles on why it’s better to be single and nod your head with a smile and agree to every.one.of.them, but can’t help but miss being in a relationship? Or the opposite could happen where you’re in a committed relationship, but simply just want to get out of it.

When you may not be looking, your life may get turned around when you get a new message on your (unused) online profile, your friend introduces you to someone, or you bump into someone at an event. That one girl or guy expresses interest and ASKS YOU OUT! Could they be Mr. or Mrs. Right??  Hey, no shame in thinking that right?

Looking for a job/ career could be just as refreshing. Either:

  1.      You’ve been unemployed and not been having any luck or
  2.      Given up on the job search and taking a break or
  3.      Stuck in a job that you don’t like and want to get out

All of sudden, a headhunter, family, friend, stranger, etc may introduce you to a new career possibility you never thought of or have considered. You could meet them on LinkedIn, at a networking event, or even when they walk into your office. Finally, someone is actually taking notice and wants to get to know you.

So now that you’re getting yourself out and about, what is marketing yourself? Stay tuned for the next post to find out…


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