Sailing out to Sea the Possibilities

When you’ve been in a rut and start realizing you want some quality company and attention (no shame in that!), you might start sailing the seas to find that one fish for you.

  • Asking friends to introduce you
  • Signing up for a dating website
  • Going to a party or social gathering
  • Trying out a new coffee shop or new gym
  • Or anything that helps you meet new people

Finding a job is the exact same process. When you are unemployed or unhappy with your job, you start to look for new outlets as well such as:

  • Asking your networks to introduce you
  • Signing up for career sites such as SimplyHired or Monster
  • Going to a networking event
  • Varying the different events that you attend (mixers, socials, workshops)
  • Or simply getting your butt out so you can meet new people

However,love can happen when you least expect it…

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