Thanksgiving. There’s always so much to be thankful for whether you constantly think about it or not. Of course we have the traditional family, friends, and significant others that we’re always thankful for. Let’s remember to take a moment this holiday to thank them.

This year (and probably every past year), I didn’t have a significant other at this time. BOOHOO. But using some delicious thanksgiving foods, I wrote about the personalities of significant others (also can be applicable to people in your job!) in relation to traditional thanksgiving food. Enjoy your meal!

Main Squeeze
Turkey: This bird is your main squeeze, the center of attention, and the one you pay the most attention to

Side Chick
Glazed carrots: Sweet on the outside, bland on the inside. I guess you can cover something ordinary up with sugar huh?

Sweet potatoes/ candied yams: You think they’re good for you because they have ‘potato’ in their name but watch out for the ones that can give you a toothache!

Mashed Potatoes: Your classic, customizable, but always reliable dish

Green bean casserole: Quick, easy and convenient. Will be ready quick when you want it

Stuffing: A cornucopia of ingredients and spices to make one, fine dish. Like variety and texture? Get it here

Want To Get On Top?
Gravy and cranberry sauce: You need that extra layer right? Add some spice with variety and supplement others because the main squeeze may just not be enough

I’ll Drink To That
Spiced apple cider: Traditional, all-American, liked by all ages kind of spice
Something boozy: Your fun, on the side, nothing serious boo

Pumpkin & pecan pie: Because you know, this is the person with the sweetness you save for the after party ;D

In all seriousness, enjoy time with your family, friends and loved ones, don’t forget to take breaks in between eating but do take extra servings of dessert, and if you fall into a turkey coma, just let it be.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!


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