I remember when I was studying abroad in South Korea and it was Christmas time. In that country during Christmas day, all the couples celebrate together. If you’re single, you’re basically left out because they put so much emphasis on couples and you stay home alone to watch “Home Alone”. All my single friends had a mission to find someone by then so they don’t have to be reminded that they’re alone.

This reminds me of Valentine’s Day in America.

All the pinks, purples, hearts, flowers, cards and stuffed animals. UGH. Can it be more of a Hallmark holiday?! (Do I sound bitter??) I’m not stranger to being single, but ignoring all of these when you walk down the street is hard when you just want to punch a cute giant teddy bear… just kidding, please don’t hurt the poor bear! For all you singles out there, remember to enjoy the day just as much as anyone else. It’s yours to share with your friends, family, or simply yourself. Here are some ideas of what you can do on Valentines’ Day.

  • Do nothing… it’s a regular day that just got more expensive!!
  • Buy yourself chocolates and flowers. It’s not pathetic, it’s treating yourself!
  • Invite all your friends (guys and girls included) for a movie night and food. Lots and lots of food. And wine. Just because.
  • Cook a nice meal just like friendsgiving. Except it friendlentine’s day.
  • Along the lines of movies and meals.. host a party. Who knows if your friend will bring a cutie along??
  • Send love someone else’s way. Remember those good ol’ elementary school days where everyone had a mailbox and you gave them cards? Spread the love and do it with your co-workers, friends, family, etc!
  • Celebrate with family… the day is about love, right??
  • Indulge. I don’t need to say more. Take it for what it’s worth.
  • Don’t forget to buy all the half off candy the day after. Hey, I said treat yourself didn’t I?

For 3 years in a row, I’ve been getting my friends together for all you can eat KBBQ. Rules are that you have to wear sweats and no makeup is allowed. I don’t know if I’m lazy, low maintenance, or both (probably both), but we all had a lot of fun and ate so much, we forgot we were single, and simply knocked out because of food coma. Then the day was over.. perfect!

This year? I’m buying a heart shaped ice cream cake from Coldstone’s and sharing it with whoever wants to come over. Blame my sister. She told me about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! What else can you do if you’re single on that day?? Wishing you the best on Finding Your Peanut Butter soon!! (If you’re looking that is…)


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