In one of my past jobs, I had a boss who would barely say hi to me each morning as she passed my office. As an extrovert and a person who always greeted my colleagues on their way in, I learned to accept the fact that she’s probably had higher priorities than to say hi to me. One day, I saw a handwritten note on my desk that say something along the lines of “Great job– keep up the good work!”. THAT totally made my day! Why? Not only did she acknowledge me, but she also took just that little bit of time to let me know that I was doing well when I thought she barely noticed me.

Another time after a huge conference I hosted, I got several thank you cards from the students that I served. They sent it in the mail to thank me for all that I’ve done for them. It was so sweet because I would never expect this generation to know where to even get a card and a stamp, and where the post office even was! It really made me feel like all my hard work had an impact.

The other day, a buddy of mine got a text from a girl he’s seeing saying “Just wanted to send a mid-day text to say I’m thinking about you…” Man bro, even I got jealous! Needless to say, he was ecstatic because it was so unexpected and it’s always nice to feel wanted.

The little thoughts that can make your day? A text that that says “Thinking about you”, a handwritten note to show appreciation, a giant hug to say thank… Sometimes, it’s just about the littlest, random messages or gestures that makes someone’s day. You’ll never know when they’re having a tough day and a nice note gives them a reminder of what they’re really worth.

Here are some simple ways to show someone you care:

  • Verbally- Give them a shout out!
  • Through email or an e-card
  • A simple text
  • Mail them a handwritten card
  • Acknowledge & recognize among colleagues or friends

So go ahead, give your boss a huge “Good Morning!” as you walk into the door, let your significant other know that you’re thinking about them, and let your friends and family know that you care!


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