These past couple weeks, I hosted and helped out at a couple conferences in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. With each conference, we had professionals interview the candidate for positions next summer (crazy, I know). I debriefed on several interviews and It’s interesting to see the common theme that the professionals look for in a candidate. That common theme? Good communication! Whether you’re quiet or chatty:

  • Can you carry a conversation?
  • Can you speak well?
  • Can you vary your tone of voice?
  • Can you add depth to it?
  • Are you unique and stand out?

I’ve had my fair share of participating in interviews and facilitating them as well. Let me tell you a secret… using the STAR method while speaking will engage the other person and keep the conversation short, sweet, to the point, but also intriguing as well. What is the STAR method?

  • S= Situation
    • This is setting up the story so the listener has a background of what you’re about to tell
  • T= Task
    • What did you have to do? Talk about why you have to do something to create the suspense.
  • A= Action
    • What did you do? You can consider this as the climax of the story. I bet everyone’s dying to figure out the ending!
  • R= Result
    • What happened? Was it good or bad?? Was it funny? Sad? 

I’m sure you heard this formula for interviews, but this works on dates as well! Want to share an engaging story? Try the STAR method to tell a story from the beginning to the end and wow your date with your storytelling skills. Make a boring story sound a little bit more exciting! Of course, with every story, don’t forget to change your tone of voice, ask questions, use silence and pauses, and tell a story that’s relevant!

Want to know more about storytelling? Click HERE to read StockKevin’s in depth version with storytelling tips from Carmine Gallo!

Got a great dating or interview story? Let’s share! #onethatsticks


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