Forgive me, because I’m about to go on a rant… In a society where women may not still be seen as equals or even the breadwinner, I don’t get why some still feed into that stereotype when we’re trying to demystify it. My friend just told me that a girl he’s dating needs to be courted a certain way. Excuseee me?? Now, I’m not saying that having guys do things for us is wrong, but please, have some self confidence to know that you can take care of yourself! Though I like to be treated as a princess, I have to acknowledge that I’m not all that and need to give something in return as well! Relationships are two ways and if women want respect, they need to show that they deserve it!

Here are some tips for a romantic relationship and relationships in the workplace to show that you –the woman– is confident, self-sufficient, and independent and worthy of respect!

Romantic Relationship:

  • Don’t make the guy pay on every date, at least offer to split! You are grown up to make your own money.. Why is fair that he pays for all of it? Dates are expensive!
  • On top of that, don’t always make him pick you up. Make the effort to drive yourself over to show that you care as well.
  • Though you may like gifts, words of affirmation, etc, don’t forget to give it back as well! Men like to be showed with these as much as you do!

In the Workplace:

  • Put away those sweats or revealing tops and save them for the weekend. Dress respectably in appropriate office attire and people will respect you, not objectify you.
  • Speak up! Often times, women get hidden or overshadowed because they don’t voice their opinions. Say what’s on your mind and be confident about it!
  • Get mentors and and advocates. This could be male or female, but make sure you have someone on your side so you’re not fending for yourself along. Every team should be collaborative so make sure you’re included in that effort!

Tip for both?? COMMUNICATE! Either initiate the conversation or add to it, but have your voice heard. Don’t expect someone to simply read your mind or know exactly what you want. However, please keep an open mind or you may start an arguement…sad news is, you’re not always right!!

Ladies, it’s not cute anymore when you have guys do everything for you. I know you’re more independent than that. This is a very short list of what you can get started on today. Let’s show them what we’re made of! Ready??



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