This weekend, I took a small vacation in the middle of recruiting season and went to Toronto– mainly because I wanted to see the Niagara Falls! So I packed my bags, and didn’t look back! However, it wasn’t as simple as I would hope.. I still had to look ahead and think about what I needed to prepare for. Just like how I would prepare for an interview or a first date, I needed to get everything ready before I left. My tips for getting prepared?

  • Have all the information you need to perform well: Who you’re meeting with, location, attire, and logistics. I was pretty paranoid about my flight and I actually made my first one with plenty of time. However, during my flight back, I thought I was at another flight because I just assumed it was the same as my first one– wrong! After double checking, I got on the right flight, but only after running through half the airport and making it with a few minutes to spare. Next time, I will make sure to do all my research before acting.
  • Pack/prepare the night before (or even more in advance). I never pack last minute because guaranteed, I will forget something which is usually my toothbrush or comb. When I was preparing to go to the Niagara Falls, I knew it was going to be cold and that I was going to get wet. I make sure to have my ski jacket, boots, ID, and phone ready so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting something before I leave.
  • Come in with the right facts and knowledge and ask questions when needed. The whole time I was there, I kept saying that the Niagara Falls was one of the 7 wonders of the world. Turns out, it’s not…if I had done my research, I would have known that. Next time, I’ll know to search up some information before I share the wrong one, or have no idea what I’m talking about.
  • Go to bed early. Before I could enjoy my time at the Falls, I made sure I got plenty of rest so I can give my full attention to admire this beauty of the waterfall. Getting plenty of rest guaranteed that my mind was sharp and I was able to focus and enjoyed what was in front of me versus fighting to stay alert.
  • Leave enough time to get settled in. While going to the Falls, I made sure that we accommodated time for travel, traffic, parking, walking on site, etc since it was at least an hour away from us and in a foreign country. If I have time beforehand, I usually like to try out the route so I know exactly where the location is so I’m not late and rushing.

I believe preparing for anything takes time and should not be done in a rush. Whether it’s a trip, interview, date, work, etc, I always take the time to make sure I’m prepared so I feel confident coming into whatever I’m doing. I try to plan as best I can knowing that something can spontaneously change and I will have to adapt. However, knowing the facts will only help me succeed in finding the #onethatsticks!


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