A couple weekends ago, I went to another wedding… that makes 4 that I attended just this year (with one more in January)! I attended this wedding, but I actually didn’t know this couple at all. It was an impromptu invite from my friend and I happened to be available so I thought I’d go.

This couple had been going out since college. They met in a student organization, started at as friends, but eventually started dating for 9 years!. Though I have never met the couple, I could tell they’ve been through a lot and are completely comfortable with each other. The way they looked into each other’s eyes, give each other a kiss, and shared their vows showed that they were committed for the long run.The whole time, I kept thinking how they basically grew up together, thus, been through a lot of ups, downs, and through all the rollercoaster. But throughout all that, they still stuck by each other’s side. I’ve never had that experience where I’ve been with someone for that long romantically, but I can imagine the commitment to each other through all the hard times, but also the fun times as well.

I’ve also never stay committed to a job longer than 1 year and 9 months. I currently live with my roommate that works at my previous job, and she keeps me updated on the new developments. If I had stayed, I would have grown with the company and gained a stronger relationship with them. With all the changes of hardships and excitement, I would have grown personally and professionally with them.

That’s how I feel about this couple. Since they started dating at a younger age, there was more life changes to deal with such as making new friends, joining organizations, doing well in school, getting their first job out of college, and collaborating on a successful future. With each new phase in their life, they were able to go through all the unknown together, and have the chance to support each other through it.

I feel like this is one of my ramble posts, but to sum it up: One day, I hope to be able to stick with someone or a job where I put all my dedication and commitment into. There will be rough times, but exciting times as well, but we’ll all be in it together.

Tell me, what are your tips for a long lasting relationship?


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