New Year’s is the most popular time to make new resolutions but let’s be real, how many of us actually keep it past the first 2 weeks of the year? Let’s change it up… Here are some new ideas for you to start 2017 with a bang!

  • Lessons learned. Life is never easy. We have as much ups as we do downs (hopefully more ups). There’s some things this year that I botched up, but learned my lesson such as listening to people who matter. Looking back, what are some lessons you learned in 2016 that you want to start implementing this new year?
  • People that matter. People come and go. Think about who’s made a huge impact in your life and has been there for you this year. How can you strengthen those bonds? Perhaps try a simple coffee or lunch hang out. Or even a simple message over facebook messenger or text to say “Happy Birthday” or “Congrats!”
  • Books to Read. Want to sharpen your mind? Instead of scrolling through your facebook feed all the time, pick some books to read whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. In my monthly book club, we read the best sellers from fiction to romance to sci-fi. Here’s your chance to gain a new perspective (and keep your eyes off the TV)!
  • Clean clutter. We all heard of spring cleaning, but let’s move it up a few months and donate unwanted items or organize that mess to help cleanse your soul (and your room)! Start with one section of your room and work your way towards a bigger room. Throw out anything that  you haven’t touched for the last 6 months.
  • Plan your vacations. Now that you have Paid Time Off (PTO) or school breaks, don’t forget to plan for vacations and actually enjoy your time off. Always have something to look forward to! This next year, I’m saving my PTO to finally hit up Japan!

I’m never a big fan of new resolutions since I can never keep them, but I’m always in the market to better myself personally. I’m excited to continue what I’ve been doing and make this next year even better! With a simpler lifestyle, I’ll be sure to have more fun and get closer with the people that I love.

With that said, is this YOUR year to Find Your Peanut Butter?!



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