I’m not going to lie, It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been slacking on my blog posts. This past month, I’ve had pretty much everything under the sun. Lost my voice, had strep throat, had a cold, a cough, and sinuses. It seemed like everyday, I was not getting better and it was affecting my work and my relationships. I get even crankier when my mom’s not here taking care of me! But throughout this month, I’ve learned to really take care of myself if I want my life to be back to normal. From my experience, here are my biggest tips:

  • Take a break & focus on yourself. Make sure you take time off from work and cancel any plans you might have to focus on yourself. Even though I worked from home, I was exerting too much energy and not taking the time to heal. Your co-workers and friends will thank you as well!
  • Sleep! The fastest way my body heals is sleeping literally all day and all night. It gets a chance to rebuild without the stress of doing the day to day stuff. Even watching TV and doing something mindless would make me tired so sleep recharges and revitalizes me.
  • Drink lots of liquids. Water, tea with lemon & honey and gatorade are my go to. Protip: I put all of this next to my bed because I know I’m too lazy (and weak) to get up all the time.
  • Take a hot shower. I know sometimes it’s a drag to actually get up and drag yourself to the shower, but it carries many benefits such as acting as a humidifier and you’ll feel more refreshed and clean from sleeping in bed all day. Time to get all the germs off!
  • See a doctor if needed. I hate hospitals.. I basically hyperventilate when I’m even remotely near one. But there are some symptoms that medication from a drug store cannot solve or that webMD cannot self diagnose. I make sure that if it’s not a regular cold or cough I usually have, I get my ass over to a doctor right away. There’s no use delaying or I’ll get worse.

Tis the season to be sick, but I hope you can prevent it before it happens. Being sick is no fun, but if you are, I hope you can follow these tips so you can get back to work and hanging out with your loved ones!


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