Last week, I attended my first Yelp Elite event after not having gone to one for about 1.5 years. I originally wanted to go because I was free that day, but also wanted to try something new. I knew we were going to make some kind of craft out of leather, so I was going to let my (un)creative side of me roll.

I liked it because it was a very intimate group which gave us a lot of time from our instructor, Sadie. Let me tell you, I probably needed her help more than anyone and she did a good job not spreading herself thin and helping everyone in a timely manner.

Sadie got us started with some leather and some patterns. Trust me when I say, it’s harder than it looks. I cut out the outline of the pouch and tried to stitch the outside just to give it some pizazz, but I didn’t do it right and had to start over. It definitely looked easier than it was; I thought I would be done in 15 minutes, but I actually had to start over because I messed up. Sadie came over about 10 times to help me. By the time I was done, the 2 hours was basically over.

What this really taught me was patience. I was frustrated, but also super determined to walk out with something I can use! I knew that since it was my first time learning the stitch and working with leather:

  • Being patient also means don’t rush to get anything done- I needed to take my time.
  • Asking questions if needed. Otherwise, I’ll just be sitting there, not knowing what to do.
  • Accept that nothing is going to be perfect, and work with the imperfections
  • Don’t compare myself to others. It just means they’ve got the hang of it a little faster.. That’s okay!
  • Start over if needed. Sometimes it’s just easier than fixing it.

At the end of the day, It really helped me get my creative juices flowing so maybe if I’m ambitious, I’ll make more as presents (with some practice)! All in all, don’t be afraid to try something new while at work or in a relationship, but make sure you keep the following tips in mind!

*FYI- It was held at place called Maker’s Mess in Los Angeles, CA



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