My sister and I can be super lazy, but sometimes, we hit overachiever status and get super ambitious. With the unicorn craze, we were ready to jump out of bed and try to make some unicorn macarons! However, we attempted regular macarons before and let me tell you, it was less than perfect. We had to cut off burnt edges, there were cracks in the cookie, and rebake them so the filling will set. We had no business trying to make them again, but we were determined to make it for our aunt’s birthday… that night!

You can see we had a lot of work to do. After endless trips to Michael’s and figuring out what macaron decorations we should use, we finally got started. We watched the video and read over the directions several times to make sure we didn’t miss a step, as macarons are super tempermental! As I made the batter, twinnie started working on the frosting. As I piped perfect little circles, she added the horn and the ears. When they were done and cooled, we made an assembly line to work on the decorations and the final product.

While they weren’t perfect, they turned out pretty well for our third ever try! Even our mom who doubted us said we did a good job! I’m also proud to say we didn’t even argue once throughout this (definitely a record for us!). But this shows that whether it’s with your siblings, significant other or co-workers, teamwork can help get tasks done faster and more efficient. What does this entail?

  • Share a common goal
  • Communication and lots of it!
  • Assigning tasks and taking ownership
  • Understanding what you’re doing and asking questions when you don’t
  • Helping each other when needed and being patient
  • Guiding and coaching each other
  • Giving each other respect

When you pull those traits together, you’ll have a solid bond and will get the job done! Think about how you apply this to the multiple aspects of your life such as work, romantic relationship, and even relationships with your family. Are you working together already? For my sister and I, we were so proud that we kept talking about it the whole weekend. Mission accomplished!


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