It’s over. But you knew it. You saw it coming. You both agreed on it. You tried to stop yourself from any feelings or becoming attached, but it’s still bittersweet when it ends. It’s over.

Have you ever met someone and they said they only wanted a short term relationship? What does a short term relationship even mean?! The way I see it is the benefits of a relationship, but without the commitment of one. Feelings and attachment may occur, but you both agreed that once that end date hits, it’s over. Why would anyone want to start and end something that can possibly be something real? Temporary happiness? Some people rather have it than nothing at all. Maybe you know you’re moving in 3 months, but you like being in some sort of a relationship; maybe you don’t want a commitment, but you still want the intimacy; maybe you’re in between relationships and want to “find yourself”, or maybe you just honestly want a summer fling and someone else agrees to the same. Whatever the reason is, it’s something temporary, but hopefully it’s worth your time at the moment.

Have you ever been on a temporary assignment with a company who only wanted you for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.? They want you to fulfill their need and then they want you out of there. You know for certain that on a given date, you will no longer be working with that company and then it’s back to the dreaded job hunt afterwards. Why would anyone want something that they know is going to end? As harsh as that sounds, there are definitely a lot of things you can get out of a temporary role: a chance to work with fun and smart people, adding people to your network, an opportunity to grow your skillset and resume, the ability to explore different companies and see what you like/dislike, and even extra things such as free meals and snacks.

I never really like the idea of “short-term”. I don’t like the idea of things ending. I don’t like the idea of having to start anything all over again when I’ve already put in all my time and effort. But I learned to take those advantages of those short-term/temporary experiences and get something out of it. Maybe it’s learning more about yourself through dating different people, or maybe it’s using a name brand company as a stepping stone to into a company you really want to join, or it could be just earning enough money to follow your passion to travel the world. Whether it’s something for just the moment or something to build for the future, there is always something to learn and something to get out of it. And with what you learned, you now will hopefully have the time and knowledge to seek out what you’re really looking for.



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