Ever since I switched into my new role last year, I’ve been travelling for work more than ever. It seems like every other week, I either flying to the Bay Area, or driving to San Diego, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo. Either way, I was never home and had to pack frequently and efficiently.

I know packing for a quick trip isn’t the easiest or most pleasant thing to do, so here are some tips that I’ve learned overtime to make it as painless as possible.

  • Know what types of events are being held. If the events are different, you will have to pack for each occasion. If they are similar, you can re wear some of the same items and don’t have to worry about missing anything.
  • Always have cheap flip flops. You’ll never know when you’ll need them for a shower or a quick walk to the lobby of the hotel or outside.
  • Pack neutrals. I’m a colorful person so it always help when I pack items that I can pretty much wear with anything such as jeans, black cardigan and a neutral color shoe.
  • Check the weather beforehand. While the forecast isn’t always accurate, it will give you a good idea if you should be packing for warmer or colder weather.
  • Bring a jacket. Of course, even if it’s going to be blistering hot in the summer, make sure you bring a light jacket for the plane ride and also any places like conference rooms that may have extreme air conditioning.
  • Pre-plan your outfits. You’ll thank yourself when you don’t have an abundant number of shirts to choose from. Pre-planning will make you wear what you have and save time– for breakfast of course!
  • Store your liquid in tiny containers. You don’t need that whole tube of lotion or face cream for only 3 days so find little containers to squeeze them in to save on room and weight.
  • Leave room. Don’t be afraid to leave room in your suitcase and not stuff it if you can. Sometimes, you’ll leave with more that you brought so it’s nice to have that extra room to throw everything in.
  • Pack the night before. Unless you are a pro packer, guaranteed you will always forget something and remember it the next day. This saves you from having to buy anything extra.

I also find that unless you’re going for more than 2 weeks, there’s no reason to use more than a carry-on. Don’t waste your time checking in and picking up your luggage when you can have everything with you in one place. Protip: buy a luggage with 4 wheels. Trust me, it’ll change your life.

Happy travels!


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