I’m no expert in love… I mostly happen to fall in it. Personally, I always complain that finding a job is easier than finding a soulmate. As a recruiter and career coach, I know how to find a job, from the search process to the ups and downs to finally finding that one job you’ve been waiting for.

I’m also a big believer that I can use the career search process to find my soul mate. Most people are the opposite since it appears dating is easier and finding a career seems like a lost cause. Guess what? We’re not all hopeless! Using the transferable skills of the process of dating to the process of finding a career, I can show you, me, and everyone else that finding both is possible!

Keep reading to find  the career and soul mate that matches you. The one that complements you. The one that sticks… like the peanut butter to your jelly.

hello? who’s there?

Who am I?
I’m Stella Yuen— Your Career Coach that will whip your resume and interview skills into shape!

What do I do?
No, I’m not JUST a career coach… I’m your counselor, mentor, teacher, friend, mom, and your biggest advocate and cheerleader!

Interests & Collaborations
I love creating new programs and initiatives to help job seekers succeed and feel more confident about the search process. I am looking to find partnership & collaborations, get more involved in the LA County community and staying active as a USC Alumni.

In my Spare Time
I like to bake, eat what I bake, play beach volleyball, eat some more, and then yelp about it.

Fun Fact
I can take up to two hours to eat.