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Interested in a casual, relatable, yet informative talk about the job search process? If you answered yes, a collaboration with Find Your Peanut Butter will stick to you! I am available for panels, workshops, conferences, class presentations, etc. For details and pricing, please send me an email at

With over 8 years of experience recruiting for internships and entry level hires, I specialize in working with college students and new job seekers through the job search process. Topics include (but not limited to):

  • Job Search / Recruiting Process
  • Confidence in Interviewing
  • Professional Etiquette

Previous collaborations include:

Student Testimonials:

“Stella was incredibly helpful throughout my entire job-searching process. She’s impressed me by how genuine and passionate she is towards helping others build their careers. What I value most is that she goes above and beyond to help her client’s pursue their ideal career.”
— Cathryn T, Underwriter at AIG

“Stella has been a friend, a mentor, and someone I admire for years since we met in 2014. Since meeting Stella, I do not think I have ever met anyone else who has been so dedicated and organized with hundreds of students’ stories and challenges at the time, while remaining so bubbly and energetic. I recall multiple times throughout college where I would reach out to Stella for assistance with my resume and cover letter, and then applying to internships/jobs. I am sure she had hundreds of other students she was helping with, but her quality of work in assisting me never once faltered – she would find grammatical errors, give me more ideas to write about, and find five positions for me to apply for before the end of the same day in which I talked to her for an hour about my challenges at the time. She was also always reminding me to take a deep breath, and look forward to the next day where there would be new opportunities. There were even some days where she would remind me to take care of myself in other ways – mentally and physically, so that I would remember to enjoy the sun outside or that it is good to take a break every now and then. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet Stella and work with her, and still talk to her to this day – she’s a fantastic person who always has the best interests at heart. Whether it be academically, mentally, physically, emotionally, Stella is someone who looks out for you and does her best to ensure your happiness and success.”
— Deborah T, HR Specialist at STARS Behavioral Health